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Fiction: Tinkerbell’s Revenge, Part 1

Since I enjoyed the first fiction writing exercise so much, I decided to proceed with another one. I got inspired by this writing prompt which I’ve read about accidentally unearthing a treasure chest. It tickled my mind. What I saw inside the chest was Tinkerbell, the reason for giving it the title “Tinkerbell’s Revenge”. I still don’t particularly know about the revenge aspect of it. But I feel like that’s what she wants me to talk about. *winks

Here goes the first part of the story:

When Lisa was 12, she would hang-out in their huge backyard every afternoon. She had a big and furry Old English Sheepdog named, Mulberry. They would play all sorts of silly games which Lisa invented. They would wear DIY costumes, would roll in the grass, would jump on the trampoline. They would pretend to be what Lisa called, “Insect Detectives” –  meaning, they would stalk on ants, mantises and bugs. On summer evenings, they would even camp out. Lisa would tell Mulberry stories about fairies, mermaids, distant kingdoms and planets.

One cold afternoon, Lisa decided to play treasure hunt. She and Mulberry dressed up as pirates. Lisa had a map, which she got from a page of an old magazine and of course, a compass. As she was scanning the backyard and planning their journey, she set her eyes on the big old oak tree. Lisa decided that this tree would be their main destination. She was certain that the treasure was buried deep somewhere near this tree.

Lisa and Mulberry had to crawl under bushes, cross a small hanging bridge and hop on pebbles floating above a pond to get there. Nothing can stop pirates on setting forth in these perilous but exciting journeys!

The air was thick near the oak tree and birds’ chirping echoed all around.

They have reached the foot of the old oak tree. It was vast and tall like a mountain. Its branches and leaves covered the sky for Lisa and Mulberry.

Lisa didn’t waste any second. She immediately took out her mom’s small gardening shovel out of her sling bag. She also put the little flashlight in Mulberry’s mouth and asked him to light up the part where she’ll be digging into.

As soon as she found a spot, Lisa immediately went on her knees.

The digging started.

It was not too long when her gardening shovel hit something hard. It gave off a thud. Lisa’s hand felt a bit hurt, too, because of the impact. She frowned a bit and Mulberry gave off a slight howl. Lisa kept on digging around the place where she had hit something, eager to see what’s in there.

To her surprise, the soil underneath were softer than what’s above. She dropped off her shovel on her side and decided to use her hands instead. Soon afterwards, she saw something which looked like a treasure chest. Her already round eyes even got rounder. Suddenly, she felt breathless, too.

She looked at Mulberry before touching the lid of the chest as if to ask for his approval.

She expected that opening the chest would be difficult, if not, impossible. But as soon as she opened the lid, it just gave away. It wasn’t sealed at all.

Lisa was astounded to what she saw when the lid was fully opened. She literally froze.

Inside was a little girl, lying on her side in a fetal position, with eyes closed. She was shining and she had wings. She was wearing a short yellow green dress.

Only one word came up in Lisa’s mind upon seeing this: Tinkerbell.


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