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Send an SOS to the Universe, for anything, anytime

It’s easy to be cranky and hurtful when we’re overwhelmed. During these times we feel like saying “No” is not an option and we want to act as if we’re in autopilot, never stopping until tasks are all completed (which never happens, of course) or until we drop dead (which we don’t really think is possible but of course it is).

Aside from the fact that we have to take an honest look at our lives and learn how to set healthy boundaries, we must not forget that we can always request for any kind of assistance from the Universe (if not directly from the people around us, although that should be a part of the process, definitely).

During my busiest weeks recently, in the middle of feeling overwhelmed and just being physically and mentally tired, I found myself telling the Universe:

I trust you that by co-creating these awesome opportunities and relationships with me, which have already manifested in my life, you’re not gonna drive me crazy and make me do things that would result in me losing everything that mattered to me, everything that I have co-created with you.

I know, I know, it sounded harsh. It sounded like I was just bitching at/blaming/threatening the Universe (I was kind of LOL). But what I was really doing there was shifting my attitude from a place of panic and lost of faith to a place of trusting the Universe while I could not (cannot ever) be in control of everything. It’s also my way of setting boundaries and letting the Universe know that other matters have to be taken care of for me. Other people in the picture should have to step up and take responsibility/adjust for me because I have already reached my limits.

You know what? The Universe instantly responded. It always does. I didn’t even have to directly ask certain people to do certain things for me, they just automatically did. Suddenly I could take breaks and I had time for myself to focus on what’s important to me alone. People also became more considerate of me. They noticed how overwhelmed and tired I was.

So I’m telling you, friends, you don’t have to suck it all up and go on autopilot. You’re not a machine and even machines break down. You have a direct line to the divine. Go and quickly ask for anything you need, anytime.


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