Give light by gravitating towards the light

People & Relationships, The Self


There would be times when it’s not obvious how we could help us someone who is in need. Especially, if they’re going through something emotional and spiritual. It’s not always easy for us to know how we can support them in these kinds of challenges.

We could speak about positive things with someone who is in pain or feeling low, or talk about meditation and divine guidance with her or him. We could forward him or her links of meditation guides or inspirational videos that have personally helped us during difficult times. But if that person chooses to sink instead of soar, if she or he chooses to stay stuck in the past instead of move forward and grow, if she or he chooses darkness instead of the light, then there is nothing else we can do but to keep on gravitating towards the light as well. If need be, we have to let them go.

We cannot give light to those who need it the most by turning our back against the source of the light. We cannot lift others’s spirits up by sinking down the rabbit hole with them.

The most we can do is choose to stay faithful to the light; to keep our commitment to our own light. We must soar above and focus on the light of others, too, no matter how low they’ve let themselves sunk down.

When we keep the light on, all steady and clear for them, they’d have a better chance of finding their way into the source of light again once they’ve allowed themselves to let go of the baggage that have been weighing them down.

Heavy things have a natural tendency to sink. We don’t even have to force them to. That’s simply what we should do. Let them go and let them sink. Don’t cling to them.


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