Send an SOS to the Universe, for anything, anytime



It’s easy to be cranky and hurtful when we’re overwhelmed. During these times we feel like saying “No” is not an option and we want to act as if we’re in autopilot, never stopping until tasks are all completed (which never happens, of course) or until we drop dead (which we don’t really think is possible but of course it is).

Aside from the fact that we have to take an honest look at our lives and learn how to set healthy boundaries, we must not forget that we can always request for any kind of assistance from the Universe.

During the recent chaotic weeks, in the middle of feeling overwhelmed, I found myself telling the Universe:

I trust you that by co-creating these awesome opportunities and relationships with me, which have already manifested in my life, you’re not gonna drive me crazy and make me do things that would result in me losing everything that mattered to me, everything that I have co-created with you.

I know, I know, it sounded harsh. It sounded like I was just bitching around. But what I was really doing there was shifting my attitude from a place of panic and loss of faith to a place of trust. It’s also my way of setting boundaries and letting the Universe know that other matters have to be taken care of in my behalf.

To my relief, the Universe instantly responded. I didn’t even have to directly ask others for help, they just did. The issue has been resolved for me. Suddenly I could take breaks and I had time to focus on the things that needed my attention.

So I’m telling you, friends, you don’t have to suck it all up and go on autopilot. You’re not a machine and even machines break down. You have a direct line to the Divine. Go and quickly ask for anything you need, anytime.


Healing ourselves – Root Chakra issues

Healing, The Self

I haven’t written in a while. My life’s been a whirlwind lately since I started working in a new start-up company. I have been learning everything by doing; I have been traveling and meeting new people as well. In addition to my already demanding work schedule, certain personal things came up as well, stuff regarding my family, in particular.

In the midst of all these, I found myself suddenly complaining about a lower back pain that won’t go away for weeks. At first I supposed it was mostly due to sitting all day at work. I then started using the standing desk more but still the pain persisted.

My intuition told me it could probably because I was having issues related to my root chakra. I have found out that the root chakra was about feelings of security and stability. Once we’re imbalanced in those areas, we would inevitably have issues with our root chakra/lower back region.

I immediately did a chakra balancing meditation, with emphasis on my root chakra. As always when I’m doing chakra balancing meditations/healings, it was intense and my body would produce this uncontrollable movements that lasted for a few minutes.

I thought that would immediately solve my problem. It didn’t.

It kept on for a couple of weeks more. Until finally just this week, it stopped.

Now, I’m wondering what exactly have I done to stop the pain. Nothing has changed with my routines or my work place. To be honest, the answer didn’t intuitively come to me. But somehow I think I was able to make some concrete actions/decisions recently which enabled me to bring my energy balance back.

Probably, because I was able to create healthy boundaries again (at work and in my personal life). I was able to shift my attitude from worrying and feeling helpless to feeling certain that everything’s happening because they should and that things have actually been falling into place all the time and not falling apart. I was also able to shift my internal dialogue from telling myself I was not good enough, that I couldn’t meet the demands of my life, to telling myself that nobody can ever make me feel less without my consent. I also became more assertive and protective of my needs again.

It’s definitely helpful to meditate and undergo different kinds of healings but these practices alone will not enable us to materialize the changes we want to happen. Our decisions and actions are still the key. Without them, nothing can be set to fruition. Pain lets us know that we’re doing something wrong and/or we’re holding thoughts/emotions that aren’t true/healthy for us. Therefore, it’s our responsibility to shift our attitude and be decisive in supporting our own best interests and correspondingly heal our body pains/illnesses in the process.

Give light by gravitating towards the light

People & Relationships, The Self


There would be times when it’s not obvious how we could help us someone who is in need. Especially, if they’re going through something emotional and spiritual. It’s not always easy for us to know how we can support them in these kinds of challenges.

We could speak about positive things with someone who is in pain or feeling low, or talk about meditation and divine guidance with her or him. We could forward him or her links of meditation guides or inspirational videos that have personally helped us during difficult times. But if that person chooses to sink instead of soar, if she or he chooses to stay stuck in the past instead of move forward and grow, if she or he chooses darkness instead of the light, then there is nothing else we can do but to keep on gravitating towards the light as well. If need be, we have to let them go.

We cannot give light to those who need it the most by turning our back against the source of the light. We cannot lift others’s spirits up by sinking down the rabbit hole with them.

The most we can do is choose to stay faithful to the light; to keep our commitment to our own light. We must soar above and focus on the light of others, too, no matter how low they’ve let themselves sunk down.

When we keep the light on, all steady and clear for them, they’d have a better chance of finding their way into the source of light again once they’ve allowed themselves to let go of the baggage that have been weighing them down.

Heavy things have a natural tendency to sink. We don’t even have to force them to. That’s simply what we should do. Let them go and let them sink. Don’t cling to them.

When you feel stuck, Soar Above

Faith, People & Relationships, The Self


I’ve been muddling over a particular family issue lately. Well, the same issue has been around for decades. It was just recently that it came into the front seat again, demanding immediate attention.

I didn’t know what to change about my perspective towards it so I can move forward. I felt like I’ve tried all the ways that I thought would work.

So I meditated and this is what I got:

First and foremost, and this really comes as a warning in bright red letters: Don’t go to the bottom of things. Don’t go deep into the roots. Doing so would only lead you back to the past and all the distortions with it. There aren’t really any bottom or roots to go back to. This is just an illusion.

Your power lies only in the present. Do your very best to stay there – where you are RIGHT NOW. Don’t condemn it, don’t feel embarrassed or guilty because of it. Know and appreciate that where you are is where you should be, that the only way forward is through and not over.

Second, instead of going to the bottom, soar above. Reach for that state where your higher self is. There you would have a wider perspective. There you would find all the clarity that you need. There you would see that things are constantly falling into place. There you would find peace, love and joy that are there and always have been for all eternity. There you would feel the most comforted. There you would know the next best steps to take.