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Manifested desires are invitations for us to step up and expand

Sometimes I have this bad habit of being afraid of the desires I have just manifested. I would feel that I don’t have what it takes to accept them in my life. I would feel unworthy. I would feel incapable. My ego would nag me constantly and tell me that I would just waste them. I won’t be able to handle them at all, that it’s best if someone else have them instead of me.

While I don’t know where all these nonsense come from, I know that it’s not in my best interest if I let them control me. For sure it’s common to have these self-defeating thought patterns, and for sure many of us, have believed in them at one point or another. The mere fact that this is common made me realize that maybe there is truth in them.

When our egos tell us that we couldn’t handle the good thing that has manifested in our life, it shows that our egos are afraid of being forced to change. For our egos change means death, and there is truth in it.

When we decide to move forward and embrace change, our old selves would have to die. But what we usually miss or forget is that many times we couldn’t possibly move forward with change if we don’t let ourselves die first. This is terrifying for our egos.

Therefore, manifested desires are not just there to make us happy but they are there to invite us to step up and face who we are becoming, and who we will become if we take the challenge.

If we let our fears control us and we feel afraid of our own manifested desires, we would also be saying no to our own expansion, which is what our higher selves really want to begin with.

We have to trust our own process of expansion. We create our own paths and we create all the opportunities for growth that we are faced with. We are leading our own way. Therefore, all the opportunities for expansion are for our own good. Our highest selves know all about this. If we want to dispel any confusion, we should get in touch with our spirit. If something is good for our spirit, it is something that the Universe has supported and orchestrated to happen. We should trust it. We are not capable of seeing the entire picture in our material existence on Earth. We have to trust the Universe because it knows everything about us and all that is.

Our manifested desires invite us to step up to who we really are. We should accept the challenge and enjoy the gifts they have brought us.


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