Manifestation · The Self

What I have learned about the process of Manifestation


Manifestation is the externalization of our own process of mastering our power as co-creators. The attainment of goals and the creation of objects, relationships, events are definitely important with regards to the evolution of life.

However, there is something more important than all these material outcomes – Us.

How we grow as souls is the point of this entire experience of manifestation. We understand the laws of the Universe more, we understand ourselves more when we are in the process of creating outcomes. We learn more about motivation, focus, discernment, discipline, surrender and gratitude. We learn about clearing our blocks. We learn about forgiveness. We learn about letting go. We learn about taking chances, we learn about starting again, we learn about moving forward. We are able to deepen our connection with Spirit.

When we want to maneuver our lives into a different direction, when we want to materialize a major change or outcome, the first thing we need to do is to be clear with what we want.

We desire many things, and sometimes they’re in conflict with each other. Sometimes we get overwhelmed, too. We don’t always know how to prioritize.

One way to be clear with our course is by looking into our hearts and looking into our lives. When we take an honest look into our own life, we would sense the areas that are lighter, areas that seem to open up more or are already open for us to explore and develop. These are areas where we have more clarity on. It would be wise to focus on these things first instead of struggling with the others. Manifested outcomes develop in their own time.

It’s important not to get impatient, but learn how to be humble and surrender to divine timing. We must understand that divine timing is actually working for us and not against us.

It is making our journey lighter (less challenging but equally enlightening) and more enjoyable. The Universe doesn’t want us to suffer. We won’t suffer if we surrender.

The next thing we should do is to state what we want. Dream on! We should allow ourselves to want what we want. We should allow ourselves to relish the fullness of our desires.

After that comes the need to shift our attitude.

Instead of coming from a place of doubt, we should learn how to come from a place of faith and a sense of excitement. Instead of doubting each and every decision we make, we should have the openness to take chances and say “Yes”.

These yes-es will eventually lead us to the manifestation of our desire. It is important to keep our focus in the present so we don’t miss the signs and the clues given to us along the way. Oftentimes when we are so focused on the future outcomes that we get distracted, we lose the sharpness of our senses and we make decisions that are not in alignment with our truth.

While doing all of these, we gotta keep working on ourselves. We need all the energy that we have in manifesting a major change. Therefore, we gotta let go of each and every thing that does not support our development in the direction that we want.

Lastly, when we have manifested our desires, we gotta take the time to acknowledge it and savor it fully! We gotta reflect on the entire process, the things we have learned from it and how it has changed us.

We gotta regroup with our own spirit and all those who have helped us. We need to realize how everything is interrelated – how we are all taken care of.

We would know that the process of manifestation has come full circle once we find ourselves in a place of more faith and more openness to life, knowing that nothing is really impossible. The process of manifestation is more than just getting, it’s actually more about becoming.


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