On Certainty


I have always been an anxious person. Worrying about pretty much everything has been my twisted way of trying to control events in my life. There have been times when I would find myself in situations where I’d be challenged to overcome my fear of uncertainty up to a point where I wouldn’t really have a choice but to change my attitude. Recent events in my life have been challenging in that sense.

I found myself in a state of panic – there would be times when I literally couldn’t breathe; I felt like drowning in my fears. Then one day, while I was keeping my head above water, trying to float above my fears, I had an insight during my meditation.

The Universe told me that in times of fear, instead of struggling our way to the surface of the ocean, the best thing we could do is to actually let go and let ourselves sink under the water until we reach the ocean bed. Underneath the chaos and uncertainty of the waves, lies calm and stability. In the deepest depths of the ocean, lies certainty.

It means that in the deepest parts of our heart, we can always find the peace and the certainty that we need.

It’s true, life is full of changes. It is unpredictable. Surprises can either bring us joy or break our spirit. However, the truth is, if we sink into the deepest parts of ourselves, we would always find certain truths there. These truths are eternal and we cannot ever lose them.

It’s challenging for me to approach my fears in this way. This could be a lifetime learning process. But it’s true and it helps, and sometimes in fact, it’s the only way to go through life, with all its uncertainties.

Find that certainty that’s already in your life, that has always been.



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