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More encounters with Animal Guides

I’ve been meeting more and more animals during meditation. Yesterday, I did a past life regression meditation and it was a joyful surprise when I met a triceratops family and a two-headed dragon.

I saw myself as a little girl, probably around eight, wearing pajamas and bedroom slippers. I was in this magical place. It was dark and cloudy night and I was about to cross a bridge going to a castle. There was nothing else within the area.

I knocked on the door and a little triceratops welcomed me. She seemed to be the same age as mine. She hurriedly took me to the dining table where I saw all the other extinct and mythical animals. They were all chatting, laughing and eating. The little triceratops took my hand and we went into her room. She gave me a bracelet with a pendant that looked like an egg or an opal.

After that, I saw myself outside the castle with the very huge female triceratops (the mother of the little one) and the two-headed dragon. They said that they have raised me in magic and that I was finally ready to go out into the world on my own. They said that I should always believe in magic and that I should actively look for it everywhere, and if I happen to lose the belief, I should just look back to them and they’ll help me remember.

It was so amazing to be standing beside those gigantic and gentle creatures!


This morning, I decided to meditation with the intention of connecting with the energy of the triceratops to learn more about them and their relevance in my life. However, what I saw was different. I saw a herd of female elephants playing in the river in the middle of a rainforest! There was this particular female elephant who played with me. She would swing me up in the air using her strong trunk. She was laughing! Her energy was so light and joyful. I asked her why she appeared to me in that meditation.

She said that I should know what really mattered to me, that I should keep on doing the things that brought me joy. She said that what really mattered to her was her family, health, nature and playtime.

I remembered the moment when I hugged a mature elephant in Cambodia. I felt so happy! They’re so unbelievably huge but they have this gentle presence in them. I felt safe with them. I felt like they could see through me, like they could feel my emotions and know the kind of person I was.


These encounters with animals have been such a huge comfort to me. They give me so much wisdom and love. They help me to connect deeper with myself, and likewise, with the entirety of the Universe. They help me soar and keep me grounded at the same time.


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