Staying Grounded

People & Relationships

A couple of days ago, I got a message from the angels. They told me that I had to find something that I lost in order to feel in alignment with my highest self again. I really couldn’t figure out what they meant. I couldn’t remember losing something and not having found it yet. I kept on asking them for the answer. I got the answer in my dream last night.

They said that what I lost was my connection to the earth. I lost my earthiness. They said that I used to be earthy. I used to engage in things that grounded me, that were natural. I even used to dress up in an earthy way. They said I needed to bring back that earthiness into my life. That information was directly connected to my soul’s journey. My soul’s journey at this point is about cleansing my spirit so I could be a part of nature again. It’s going back to earth. While that information made sense to me, it still wasn’t clear enough to me that I could apply it to myself.

Earlier, during breakfast, I shared my dream with my partner. Surprisingly, instead of being puzzled by it (like I was initially), it resonated with him very well. He got what it meant. Then we started discussing about it. He said that he used to be earthy as well, in the activities he engaged in and even with his clothing. We talked about our apartment, the food that we ate, our lifestyle and the types of activities that we could do to ground us to earth.

We agreed that being earthy was more important than we initially thought. It shaped the way we were. It shaped our mind, our character, our heart. Being in an artificial environment, taking in processed foods, engaging in artificial activities could cause disconnection between our spirit and the earth, which connected us to the cosmos.

I was glad to have shared that dream with him. It has helped both of us because we learned something valuable with our exchange of ideas. Now our task is get started with our grounding work.


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