Our Bodies, our Allies

Health, The Self

There are three types of attitude people usually have when they’re sick:

  1. There are those who pay attention to their bodies, listen to what they need and do their very best to provide it. When they don’t feel well their first response is to make sure they can make time for themselves to have a full rest. Their loyalty is to their bodies because they know their bodies are their greatest allies. They comfort their bodies like a mother comforting her sick child. They don’t force them to get well. They don’t even ask for anything from them except to rest without a worry in the world. They assure them that they’ll be staying by their side to look after them.
  2. There are those who ignore their bodies for as long as they can. They would keep on doing their work or even force themselves to get a lot busier, as if to fight against their illness. They would avoid going to the doctor but probably they would self-medicate. They have this attitude that taking a rest to get well is synonymous to accepting defeat, as if they’re enemies with the viruses/bacteria and/or their own bodies.
  3. There are those who directly fight with their own bodies. They force their bodies to get better soon and when they don’t they feel terribly frustrated. They feel embarrassed to be having a “weak” body. They feel imprisoned in their own bodies. They don’t take a rest or go to the doctor or get the proper medication out of understanding and love for their own bodies. They do it simply because they hate feeling sick, weak and shitty. They don’t treat their bodies as allies. They see them as opponents.

Those in the first category usually get better faster than the other two. The time and attention spent on taking care of the body and letting it have a complete rest are not the only things that matter.

Our attitude towards our bodies play an indispensable role. We could either feel united with our bodies or separated from it.  It makes all the difference whether we take care of the body out of love or out of spite.

Our bodies are one of the sources of our infinite wisdom. If we listen to them, we would know more about ourselves and how to transform our lives for our own good. Pain, discomfort, disabilities and illnesses are not just random things that happen TO us. They contain messages, pointers, valuable guidance that we can use to change what needs to be changed or understood and accepted what needs to be integrated in our spirit.


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