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The period of cleansing has officially begun

My higher self gave me an instruction in my dream last night. At first, she made me feel how I was before and showed me the situations in my life which reflected it. In all aspects of my life, I remembered always feeling small, weak, frustrated, abused – and in general, victimized. It made me realize how different my life is now and how better it is becoming. I am a totally different person now and the emotions I have are different as well.

I realized that we interpret the circumstances in our life from the point of view of our emotions. As Gigi Young said, emotions equal perspective. It didn’t matter much what kinds of situations I was attracting in my life – what mattered most was how I perceived and interpreted them. I could have all the love, abundance and success but I could still feel small and anxious if that was how I was really feeling inside. On the other hand, I would really attract the people, jobs, objects, experiences in my life which reflected my emotions. It goes both ways.

After showing me my past, my higher self instructed me to get a candle, light it up, put all the negative energies I had in my past (and all that are still clinging to me at present) and let the candle melt, releasing all of them so I could start from a clear core.

I am highly grateful and humbled by this gesture. I don’ feel lost anymore in my path. As days pass by and as I meditate more often, I get more direct and clear guidance anytime – awake and asleep. Meditation really opens doors to miraculous transformations spiritually and materially.


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