Life path · Manifestation

How our life path Unfolds

I asked my animal spirit guide about life path and how do I proceed on my own from this point onward. This what he said:

The creation of the path itself is none of your business. It’s the Universe’s responsibility. Believe that the Universe always finds a way on how to make it possible for you to stay focused on your path.

The path is like a lucid dream. You create it while you are on it. It unfolds as you move along.

Your responsibility is to provide the Universe with the materials/the ingredients to build your path so you can move forward in it. Only you can create the ingredients. These ingredients are the lessons that you have to learn, the characteristics that you have to integrate within yourself. Your task is to work on the lessons, work on your self. It may be about courage, humility, compassion, etc. It depends on the person’s journey.

In your case, trust that the Universe will find a way to put you in a situation where you can have a lot of solitary time because that’s what you need now. What you gotta learn at this point, the kind of ingredients that the Universe needs from you now is this –

You have to ground yourself in the present. You are always time traveling to the future and the past. Divine guidance cannot come to you if you keep on doing this because it can only come to you in the present. Don’t sabotage yourself and the Universe’s efforts in communicating with you.

Lift yourself to a higher state where gratitude, faith and openness are. The Universe will meet you there.

The guidance that you’re seeking for is there. Your only task is to keep yourself grounded in the present and climb that mountain top where your higher self is.


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