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The importance of Difficult Feelings


I woke up in the middle of the night.

I couldn’t make myself go back to sleep and I was pretty inconsolable in my loneliness. I meditated and talked to Archangel Michael instead. I asked him the importance of experiencing difficult feelings such as pain, loneliness and grief.

This is what he said:

When we’re having any of these difficult feelings, we become more aware. We begin to ask questions, to seek meaning and connections with things around us.

Our hearts are more open because it’s crying, it’s bleeding and it asks for comfort. We reach out for help, we pray to God, we crave the presence of our family and our friends.

We are more grateful for the little acts of kindness that we get from strangers. Even nature comforts us.

When we’re in pain, we become small. Those difficult feelings make us want to connect. They make us realize that what matters is life is neither status nor wealth, but the quality of our relationships and the depth of the love that holds us together.


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