The Joy of a physical life

Meditation/Visions, The Self

I caught myself in a trance again during my meditation this morning. I listened to Jason Stephenson’s Waterfall Chakra Balancing Meditation. (FYI his meditations put me in a trance! I’m gonna write about my meditation practice and the guides I listen to next time)

As I focused more on his voice and the sound of water, I became aware that I couldn’t feel my body anymore. That feeling was familiar to me so I didn’t feel scared the way I did during the first time. I felt both like a body floating in water and the water itself. I no longer existed as an individual, as a drop of water – I am merged in the infinity of the water. I am the source, the existence and the possibilities of water and life in general. I couldn’t feel myself anymore. It no longer mattered what or who I was. I could be a human, an insect, a mushroom or a stone. Past and future didn’t make sense anymore. None of my human worries mattered. I was just in the present moment because it was only in the Now that I could have existed. Then I had an epiphany:

Now I understand why the Universe wants to incarnate in the three dimensional world and why it had to create the Ego. Now I understand why we need to feel alone and separated, too.

It’s because having a personal, individual experience is such an incredible feeling!!! The Universe delights in the experience of all kinds of sensations! It’s so joyful and interested to have countless points of view. Universal energy is rich because of this variety. Ego makes it possible to have these differences.

I’m not gonna be the same after that meditation. By having this profound realization, my perspective on my life has been forever changed. While I would still experience difficult and uncomfortable situations and feelings, I can start approaching them now from a place of curiosity  – what I know to be the driving force of universal creation and expansion.


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