My take on mind-altering drugs

I’m not one of those who moralize the so-called illegal drugs. I also believe that the war on drugs is causing more harm than good.

While I am very interested to try them, my reservation comes from the fact that it’s not safe to play with our own mind. We couldn’t even fathom it and by taking mind-altering substances we are putting the controls in the hands of external factors like people who manufacture them for profit and substances that don’t care about us either.

It’s especially riskier if we don’t know ourselves that well, if we haven’t done enough research and if we’re not in the company of people we can trust (mind,set and setting). While substances can be used to help us get in touch with ourselves more and expand our awareness and perception and enhance our physical capacity, it’s not the only way to achieve them. Wouldn’t it be good if we choose to practice safe approaches instead?

The problem on drugs won’t be solved through just one or a couple of approaches. We need to overhaul the system. We need to get in touch with our humanity and what we truly need and want. We need to replace our self-destructive desires and habits with self-sustaining ones.


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