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Why we don’t need to die to live

I’ve learned that in South Korea, there is a kind of service wherein you’d have to pay for around  $40 to experience your own fake death. They’d have to write suicide letters to their loved ones, mourn their own death and even lie inside a coffin for 30 mins. They do this in a small group. There is also a part of the ceremony where they share their deepest sadness and frustrations with each other.

The idea behind this is that maybe after experiencing death, even if it’s fake, people would feel reborn. Depression is so prevalent in South Korea that there is suicide ever 33 mins. Because of neo-liberalism, people have become focused on their careers to the detriment of their personal lives. South Koreans are financially insecure despite being overworked. They have also neglected their own families especially their aging parents, many times, letting them die on their own isolated in slum areas.

The fake death ceremony, in essence, is a guided meditation. A facilitator guides the clients on what to do, what to imagine, what topics to think about and so on. I’ve actually done a similar kind of meditation which I’ve learned from Teal Swan. I imagined that I died yesterday. Given this situation I would look back on my life and ask myself relevant questions as a way to review it.

I think each and every one of us will be shaken to our core in the face of death. This shock would push us to confront our own truths. In death, we would see ourselves face-to-face with what truly matters to us. This is why many people have a spiritual awakening in the midst of a life-threatening illness or after a near-death-experience.

But the truth is, we don’t have to die to experience this. We don’t need the shock of an illness or an accident to start reflecting and living our lives from inside-out. All we have to do is to force a strong connection with ourselves.

We must regularly check in with our heart and listen to what it says. The Universe speaks to us through our higher self, which speaks to us through our heart. Many times, we think that it’s our heart we’re talking to when in fact, it’s actually our ego. Our heart only knows of clarity, love and peace. Our heart is never fearful nor evil. Our heart knows what is true and good for us. It’s something unique to each of us. Only our heart knows what is best for us and nobody else.

Nothing will be so bad when we live awake. The pain of depression, for example, partly comes in because we are unconscious – we are sleepwalking and therefore disconnected with ourselves and everything else. When we are grounded in our own hearts, we are always aware of the infinite presence of the Universe and we live from our truths. Nothing will fool or break us. And as a collective, we will be in a place to  create the kind of reality that is suited to what really matters, to what gives us pleasure and health.


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