A quick chat with my Higher Self


Why do I feel the strong urge to work on my consciousness at this point instead of focusing on doing more practical things like producing stuff? Why do I feel the need to prioritize stillness and meditation now?

My Higher Self:

You need to know yourself more now because you’re in the path of a new beginning.This isn’t something that is being handed to you by an external force.  You have been working on this slowly in the past years. Now it’s happening. You are approaching it. Just like any new beginning, this one is practically a sea of possibilities. I know you’re scared, too. But there’s really no need to be scared. If you are grounded, if you have mapped out the pockets of your consciousness, you won’t feel scared anymore. If you know your tendencies, your impulses, as well as your saving grace, your redeeming qualities, what’s sweet about you, what’s lovely, what’s strong…you will have the advantage of acting and deciding from your place of knowing and power.

Nothing and no one can intimidate you and set you off track, messed up, mixed with a pile of clutter. Isn’t that a very reassuring place to be?

Look at this few remaining weeks as finishing touches. You are practically 99.8% ready. But there is still the .2% that you need to work on. Look at this as that remaining percent.

Never ever feel guilty when you’re focusing on yourself and doing things for yourself. Taking care of yourself is never less important than taking care of others. If you feel that doing things for others has more weight than doing things for yourself, you’re also saying that other people are more important than you. We are all created equal. We are all equally important. When you’re working on yourself you are doing everybody a favor. You are contributing. You are making a huge, positive difference.

And if you’re asking why you feel the need to work on your consciousness at this point – well the truth is we all feel the same way at different points in time. We continuously do. It’s what we should be doing. It’s the point of all this incarnation. We just feel more compelled doing it in specific moments of our lives and in different approaches, too. But there really is no right or wrong timing. We don’t have to defend our reasons for the timing we choose for our own expansion.


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