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It’s never too late to go healthy and natural.

I spent the past week gradually transitioning to a healthy and natural lifestyle. The timing just felt right to me. I listened to my intuition and that’s what she told me. These are some of the things I’ve been doing:

I resolved to make a tall glass of fruit and veggie smoothie everyday. If only I could, I would radically become a vegan overnight. However, I knew that it would be difficult for me to do so because I share the household with unhealthy eaters. Likewise, I still need to do more research on vegan substitutes for dairy products as well as plant-based sources of protein. This healthy smoothie, however, is a good start. I’m getting vitamins, minerals and fiber everyday.

I resolved to wear the most minimal make-up that I can. I never wore heavy make-up anyway, except for maybe less than ten times in my life in which I attended events. My usual make up routine only involves: press powder (I don’t wear foundation), eyebrow pencil (I have full brows so I don’t need to put much and I hate the fake, thick, cartoonish look), lipstick and liquid eyeliner and blush on in rare occasions (when the mood strikes or when the weather cooperates). But I still wanted to simplify the number of make up products I own.

I used to have a total of 7 lipsticks, a lip gloss, a palette of eye shadows and stick concealer. I recently resolved to just limit my lipsticks to three (deep classic red – for formal events and night outs or when I just want to look more mature or fancy, pinkish brown nude – I believe this is the most flattering color for my skin that I can actually use everyday and mocha – just because this is the closest to my actual lip color), limit my eyeshadow palette to neutral colors and not wear concealer anymore (except as eye primer and lipstick mattifier). I don’t like contouring simply because it’s high-maintenance and I am intimidated by the thought of wearing layers of make up. Just the thought of it makes my skin itchy! I also resolved to not always fill by eyebrows anymore, because honestly, I don’t need to do it. I just have to maintain their shape. I also resolved not to use liquid eyeliner that frequently because I have to admit that I am just too lazy too clean them before I go to bed and I always end up waking up with irritated eyes in the morning. Hmm and forget the blush on. It just irritates my skin and the right lipstick is enough to lighten up my face, anyway. I never liked wearing mascara and I’m still sticking by my resolution not to wear it. Wearing contact lens is enough to irritate my eyes, and liquid eyeliner is already too high maintenance for me. Mascara would be just horrifying.

I ditched all my expired make up and decided to only buy vegan products from cruelty-free brands. Some common drugstore brands which I’ve found were Elf and Wet N Wild. Although the latter is not 100% vegan, they have a long list of vegan products. Both are cruelty-free as well. They’re easy to find in local shopping malls and they are one of the most affordable brands. I resolved to always change my makeup every 6-12 months.

I ditched all my synthetic nail-polish. They’re obviously toxic and I didn’t know why I even made myself wear them! I’m just gonna use vegan products from now on. They’re definitely pricey but wearing toxic nail polish could cost me my health later in life.

I ditched both the synthetic shampoo and soap that I’ve been using for so long (Hannah and Dove) and started using vegan and cruelty-free products. While on the surface, the products I formerly used temporarily gave me soft hair and skin, I knew that they’re actually doing more harm than good not just for me but for the entire planet. My long term plan is to create my own plant-based shampoo and body wash. But for now, I’m using Human  Heart Nature moisturizing shampoo and Castile Soap from Healthy Options.

I ditched my synthetic body scrub and opted for coffee and coconut oil scrub instead. AND IT’S SO LOVELY! The smell of virgin coconut oil and coffee grounds is HEAVEN! And my skin feels so calm and loved and happy! I use it both for my face and body.

I started my refined sugar detox. I actually did it way earlier than the others. I figured out that I was consuming too much refined sugar lately. I was eating a lot of chocolates (bars, cookies, cakes etc.). I was even putting sugar on my coffee every morning! But since I started out my sugar detox, I got back to drinking black coffee again (no sugar, no cream) and I was more conscious of eating cookies and chocolates and other kinds of desserts. I used to allow myself to eat them without a guilt because I said I was skinny, anyway. But nope! That’s not the right attitude! Sugar was making me feel heavy and shitty. It’s a drag. It was also making my skin looked haggard and ugly. My natural glow gradually came back because of this sugar detox plus my transition to natural personal and beauty products.

I didn’t have any problems refraining from sugary drinks, though, because I never liked sodas and artificially processed fruit juices and energy drinks, anyway.

I plan to improve on my healthy transition in the weeks, months and years to come. My long term goal is to be completely vegan in my diet, personal care and lifestyle. I’ll update this blog from time to time. I hope I maintain the discipline and passion to keep this going! 🙂 I’ll write more about my journey soon!




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