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About a Breather (Part Two)

If the first part contained my reasons for quitting personal use of social media, this next part would be about the effects it brought me and the realizations I’ve had because of it.

Extra time! I’m the type of person who regularly evaluates her habits to see if she can still simplify them. Just like most people, I spend the biggest chunk of my life working and traveling to and from work. It’s in my best interest to save up time in every possible way so I can have more time to rest, be with my loved ones and engage in other activities that I love doing.

Quitting personal use of social media allowed me more time to be productive!

I can finish reading books again in just a few days! I have more clarity of mind and focus to write again (I currently have three blogs). These two are just a few of the most important and fulfilling activities for me. I’m glad I’ve brought them back into my daily routine.

Clarity. I’d always choose clarity and peace of mind over anything. Being away from social media enabled me to withdraw from unhealthy thought patterns and behavior.

I am only taking selfies now for my partner which is overseas. I share it with him via personal messages and I don’t post them anywhere online anymore. This made me less conscious of presenting myself blindly out in the public. It doesn’t mean I stopped minding how other people perceive me. Of course, I still do. But now I have a more focused intention when “package” and “market” myself. Mostly I just plan how to present myself now in professional situations (it’s sick and tiring how social media makes us do this even with our own family and friends). Naturally, this means less anxiety for me because I can just be candid most of the time.

I noticed that I have become clear again with what’s truly important for me, what nourishes my spirit and which relationships are worth investing my time with.

Since my old friends can’t check out my profile anymore now to know what’s up with me, they’d either have to send me an email (I’ve asked them to do this), call me or visit me where I live. As with my family, they’d just have to personally ask me. It’s true for me as well. I’m no longer able to chat with anybody now whenever I’m just bored or pissed off.

My communication has become more deliberate. I need to be sure that I have a reasonable purpose for talking to someone, otherwise, why bother?

Besides, I have always preferred infrequent but profound conversations and email exchanges with friends. It’s more fulfilling and meaningful.

Perspective. Aha! Yes! Withdrawing from personal use of social media has made me less judgmental, patronizing and spiteful of other people. It’s very human to judge and give our prejudiced and unsolicited opinions. Social media amplifies that. I’ve become saner because I stopped seeing people as cardboard social media profiles.

I understand how useful social media is for networking, that’s why I still use it for my business. But quitting personal use has made me realize that it’s actually not that important for socialization purposes as I thought it was. I didn’t expect to get these mentioned outcomes but I’m glad I have.


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