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This tastes both like espresso and latte.

In the era of non-stop connectivity, I consciously cut my ties.

I haven’t been sharing much lately; haven’t been writing on this blog, haven’t been posting much at all on my social media accounts, declining most invites to hang-out from my old friends, refusing to build new relationships, among others.

I have all the relationships that matter to me; I have been doing all the things that interest me. I can say that at this point in my life I am joyful with the garden I have built for myself. I have consciously decided to just take care of those that are meaningful and enriching for me; mature trees and little buds alike. I no longer feel the need to share as well; to random identities that I don’t really resonate with. Sharing has become a sacred thing and I do it with utmost knowing and care.

I know it’s not gonna make sense to some people. But I don’t feel obliged to explain myself. If we’re not in each other’s lives like we used to be, it’s simply because we’re better this way; otherwise we won’t be able to stand being apart. It’s a bitter pill I know, but it’s a pill we need to swallow.