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My body wrote me a letter.

And it says:

Learning about a health condition (a dis-ease) is not really about letting you know that you’re doing something wrong with how you live your life and how you relate to yourself because almost always you’re already aware of those things; it’s mostly an indicator that the time has come for you to heal – a reliable, accurate diagnosis only tells you you’re ready to get well and better again. You are ready to change.

Treat it as a key to a door towards a renewed path. You can either take it and proceed with the resolve that you’re gonna do whatever it takes to stay on the path and move forward or you can just look at it and stand there, frozen and miserable. If you look at it this way it would be easier for you to realize which is the better option and you’ll know why it’s better for obvious reasons (It’s just pointless to stand somewhere in misery, right? When you can actually open the door in front of you and begin a new chapter of your adventure.)

Dis-eases are not punishments. They’re light leading you towards a deeper and more expanded level of understanding. They’re doors into spiritual growth.

Any kind of imbalance leads to a certain kind of dis-ease. If you don’t know how imbalance feels like, how would you how balance feels like? Life is an adventure exactly because we’re not spoonfed with the recipe on how to live life in a healthy way. This thought may annoy you at times, especially in situations you find difficult, but I swear you wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Freedom is life and life is freedom.

There’s really no point in being continuously anxious. It will only cause more imbalances and then more dis-eases. What I advise you to do is to chill, relax and detach from your mind. Go inwards with a healthy detached perspective. Dig deep to find what’s buried there that caused the imbalances. Try to remember in what ways you neglected and maybe even abused yourself. But it’s important to be in a safe distance as well because there’s no good in identifying with old unhealthy feelings and thoughts again.

Suffering/dying or recovering from a dis-ease is really the last thing you should be concerned with. What you must focus on is figuring out what a dis-ease is trying to tell you and follow the path it leads you to.

What happens to me as your body is something external and something you can’t control. But what happens to you as a spirit is something only you have the power over. It’s also totally pointless whether you end up dying or living longer because of a dis-ease; you’re an eternal being anyway. Your body will die but you will not; you will never.

From this moment on, I ask you to please stop beating yourself up with worries and feelings of guilt and shame. Maybe you’re not comfortable with the word “self forgiveness” because it sounds too heavy and abstract. I know you’re finding it hard to begin. So let me just ask you to detach WHO YOU REALLY ARE with the conditions of your human body and the negative feelings you learned from being a human. Don’t make them a part of your identity because they’re really not. They don’t define you. That would be one of my request and the other would be is for you to start paying more attention and care to yourself from now on.

You can only check with your past if you think doing that will provide you with more understanding towards lasting peace. But if it will only cause you more anxiety then just forget about it. Focusing on the present is what matters, anyway. The Present is all you have and all you ever will.

There really is no need to rush into doing anything. Again, there’s no point in obsessing with living or dying because you’re an eternal being after all! Take your time, listen to your Higher Consciousness and ask The Source for guidance and all your Spiritual Guides  who are always there with you, providing you with unconditional love and unlimited support.

Be still and do what you’re inspired to do in your own Divine Timing.


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