Healing · Health

Dis-eases as Doors to spiritual growth

Learning about a health condition (a dis-ease) is not primarily about discovering that we’re doing something wrong, ’cause for more often than not, we already know that.

It’s actually an indicator that the time has come for us to heal – that we are ready to change.

It’s a door towards a renewed path. We can either proceed and resolve to do whatever it takes to stay on that path or we can simply stand before it – frozen and miserable.

Dis-eases are not punishments. They’re light leading us towards a deeper understanding. They’re doors to spiritual growth.

Any kind of imbalance leads to a certain kind of dis-ease.

If we don’t know how imbalance feels like, how could we know how balance feels like?

Anxiety will only result to more imbalances and then more dis-eases. What’s advisable is for us to go inwards and check what we have been suppressing there which might have caused the imbalance. Let’s try to remember the ways in which we might have neglected and maybe even abused ourselves.

Suffering/dying or recovering from a dis-ease is really the last thing we should be concerned with. What we must focus on is figuring out what the dis-ease is trying to tell us and how to follow the path it’s leading us into.

In our stillness, we’ll receive the inspiration that we need to understand what is being revealed and to take action according to divine guidance and timing.


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