It’s one of those days again – When Change beckons

People & Relationships, The Self

Change happens slowly then suddenly. The truth is, we inevitably have to rip some veins and cut some ties loose to complete the process of change. Otherwise, there’s no chance of genuinely breaking free.

Change invites us to rise from our small mindedness and embrace wisdom, to trust in the process of life and how it goes from chaos to organization, from uncertainty to knowing.

Finally it teaches us how important these changes are in each of our own metamorphosis and self actualization.


4 thoughts on “It’s one of those days again – When Change beckons

  1. One thing I’ve been learning about change is that it’s harder to deal with if you have expectations of the way things should be or will be. Then when it changes, it’s hard to adjust to the reality. So one of my mottos from this lesson is to: Accept reality.

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    1. Frustration and disappointment teach us a lot as well! They shape us into the secure and liberating people that we should be, that we all are inside us.


    1. Yes, every little thing is in a constant state of change! Materially or otherwise.


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