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Why nothing external ever really matters

This Earthly existence is just a playground for miracles.

Alright, that sounded trippy.

In my attempt to sound less trippy, what I meant was living on Earth and manifesting stuff (ourselves and the objects around us) is just a temporary cosmic play, a practice, a process for us to grow as Spirits.

I’m not trying to convert you into anything. But since you’re reading this then maybe, just maybe, there’s something we can agree upon and transform together.

Your history, your name, how you look like, what you do, how you behave, what kinds of words you use, how much you earn, what you are passionate about, where you have been, what goals are you pursuing, and so on and so forth don’t really define Who You Are.

Those things definitely tell something about your energy and your own unique beauty and light. But they don’t get to your Core. I could never experience who you really are only through those external references.

Okay, so you love coffee, bad TV and fake nails. You lost all your family and friends to addiction, you won in the lottery, your childhood pet died, you traveled the world, launched your dream business, got terribly sick, bought a very expensive house, felt and shared genuine love, faked orgasms, chased rainbows, reinvented yourself, felt better and looked better, gained clarity and depth – then lost them, learned how to dance, cook and be more honest at the same, became terribly rich, sunk into poverty, reached what you call is enlightenment then suddenly lost all faith in life – you can drive yourself to madness or sanity, despair or bliss over and over and over again – but nothing ever changes inside you.

You are still the same Eternal, Infinite, Powerful Spiritual Being Born Out of Love.

Nothing makes you More or Less of who you are – nothing will.

Okay, I’m not saying there’s no point in wanting to grow and give birth to our desires – because those are exactly the point of living an Earthly life. But our essence is beyond Earthly life. Our Being doesn’t stop when our human bodies die. There is no point and growth in harboring attachments to Earthly concerns. I believe we can give importance and love without falling into attachment.

There is no point in feeling superior or inferior to anyone. We’re all equally magnificent (and yes, that includes all the people we find despicable).

The continuous journey of achievement and loss simply lead us to the same thing – the realization of our true essence as spiritual beings who are all connected and are parts of an eternal, ever evolving and infinite Consciousness.

We win sometimes to remember the fact and reality of our Power; we lose sometimes to remember the fact that our worth is never dependent on pretty much anything. It’s just is. We are just worthy.

So pick up your sorry self and wear your brightest smile. You are sunshine! Life may not be easy for you but believe that you’re never alone and that you’re always loved and you’re always taken care of. Start looking up more often. Look around you and see that you always have what you need.

Most importantly, look inside you and remember that your best resource is always within your reach – your own infinitely powerful Self. (- and remember that it’s not just a cheesy line but a living truth, oh well, you’ll see. *winks)


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