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On Renewals

Be thankful when you feel the need to leave something or someone.

Be thankful when a situation has ended for you, someone has left you, a door has closed on you.

Be thankful that the universe has a way of regularly renewing your life to keep it fresh and alive.

Surrender to these processes and accept them with full clarity and enthusiasm. They’re for your highest good.

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On Positivity

A person vibrating at a very strong frequency inevitably attracts everything in her/his vicinity like a planet with a heavy mass and strong gravitational pull.

It’s always up to us to decide whether we’re gonna vibrate at a high or low frequency. We must simply remember that there is no darkness, only absence of light and that love is always the strongest force in the infinite cosmos.


When you have a strong, focused will about something that you wanna achieve, the universal forces around you will literally move heaven and earth to make your desires possible. We can part the sea with our focused intention and untiring will and spirit.