Burning Bridges

People & Relationships, The Self

I am finally ready for a new major beginning in my life. To prepare for it, I have done (though not yet completed) some qualitative weeding out in all the aspects of my life, especially relationships.

I have always believed in the inevitability and importance of burning bridges. It’s like putting on blinders. We must have focus towards the path that we have decided to push through with.

Burning bridges means cutting ties with all the paths that could lead us to where we don’t wanna be. It’s avoiding distractions and influences that are not really beneficial to us and our goals.

I used to feel sad about ending things, too. But now I have become wiser and more accepting of necessary goodbyes. I am exactly who I want to be, sharing my life with who I wanna be with and I love who I am becoming. I am letting go of everything that no longer add richness and depth to my life to create more space for things that do.


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