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The Power of Believing

What do I want to say?

I haven’t written in a while. There are various things a could write about. Life is such a magical thing and it keeps on surprising me.

Perhaps, the thing that comes to the top of my head right now would be the power of Believing. A while ago I was chatting with my partner and we talked about the thing that we learned the most from the two years we have been together (as friends then officially as a couple). He told me he learned the most about Trust. He learned how to trust himself, the process, time and me. I told him that the lesson I’ve learned is pretty much the same with Trust but only with a different flavor. Believing is also having Faith but I think it’s more active than Trust. Trusting is more about letting go while Believing is more about fighting for that very thing that you want.

I have learned to feel worthy and be worthy of the things I wanted and deserved to begin with. There is nothing wrong with our deepest desires even if they haven’t manifested yet in our actual, 3D human lives.

We should not “temper down” or silence our genuine desires and dreams. What we do is to prepare ourselves to receive them. We must align with the vibration of our desires. We must rise up to meet them.

That is how we juice out the transformative powers of life. That’s how we transform ourselves and surpass our limitations and keep on growing to who we want to be. We must let our desires lead us to where we want to be.