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On Vulnerability and Transformations

There may be times when we put our guards up and close ourselves, keep ourselves from being candid and vulnerable because we are afraid of not only being misunderstood but we are also afraid we might burden other people with our idiosyncrasies, doubts, fears, emotional baggage and insecurities.

I used to be in relationships where guys won’t accept everything that I am. They would only pick out the convenient truths in me. That is not a genuine partnership built on true love.

Being in my current relationship has taught me that with the right person, you won’t have to compartmentalize yourself. With the right person, you can be unapologetic of who you are with all your awesomeness and contradictions. The right person will not only love and accept your truths, he/she will feel so blessed to be with you as you are. He/she will be grateful and thrilled to be a part of your becoming.

He/she will not pick up only the things he’d like to hear and know. He will listen to everything you’d like to share. He/she will give importance to all that matters to you. He/she will truthfully care about your well being. He/she will be your number one supporter and partner in fulfilling your goals and in becoming your highest self.

He/she won’t expect you to always provide him/her with joy and easy happiness. In fact, he/she doesn’t have made-up expectations from you. You are free to come and be as you are. He/she wants to know how complicatedly amazing you are not because he/she wants to “fix” you or turn you into anything he/she likes. He/she sees you as a continuously transforming magic before his/her eyes.

I am so blessed to have found the person who complements my world and who, everyday, reminds me how amazing and enough I am and how precious life is. But all of this won’t be possible if we didn’t find the courage to be vulnerable with ourselves and with each other. True partnerships can only be built on intimacy and truth.


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