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For the Spark that is You

Let your own light shine! Stop being a shadow of somebody else’s light.

We succeed and fail all the time both at the same time. It’s not just an all or nothing thing. Part of becoming who you truly are is your ability to live your life on your own terms. So what if you make stupid mistakes? What if you fuck your most important game in life? What if you lose it all in the end? The important thing is that you are able to make your own rules and follow them. You will learn to own the consequences of your decisions. You will learn to trust your own judgment.

And what if you make it? What if you succeed? What if by following your truth you are able to achieve your most desired dreams? Success will never be sweeter if it’s borne by your own guts, faith, blood, sweat and tears.

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So this is how a Twin Flame relationship looks like :)

I have the partner who is especially meant for me, the partner that is perfect for me, the partner that is of the same soul as mine, he’s just in a different human body.

He doesn’t put me in a box. He doesn’t treat me just like a girlfriend. I am not something to feed his ego. I am not here to please him and fill up his holes.

He sees the real me. I am a separate, free being with my own desires, capacities and destiny. He treats me as his partner in life. We go through life together.

He is the wind beneath my wings. He believes in my opinion and advice. He entrusts his heart to me because I can be trusted. He feels I am expanding his horizons and he learns about so many things in life from me.

But he is never dependent on me nor scared or overwhelmed. He is capable of accepting all that I am and everything I can give. He admires that I am doing brave things and accepting greater challenges in life. He wants me to fulfill my desires. He wants me to become successful in ways that are meaningful to me. He values his own goals in the first place that’s why he values my own dreams as well.

He makes me feel that all is well and that all is gonna be well. He gives me the strength to always remember that we are enough, that what we have is enough.

We may be literally oceans apart and it may take a long while before we can live together but he reminds me everyday that having each other is such a huge blessing. Knowing that he is with me through all the twists and turns that may happen in my life gives me peace and courage.

This is what commitment looks like, this is how commitment feels like. He is so committed to me that he does not want to chain me into him. Our story has proven that our souls are tied to each other that no distance and time and circumstances can keep us apart.

We have been lovers in lifetimes before and we have found each other again. There is nothing that can separate us. We must both fulfill our path to freedom and love.

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Reflections on leaving toxic situations

There is a saying that in order to be happy in life, we must let go of negativity. This includes “negative” or “toxic” people. What do we really mean when we say this?

I have walked away from many situations. I walked away from some because they no longer made me happy. I have changed and the situation no longer complemented who I had become. I wanted other things. I wanted a new environment. I wanted new kinds of challenges and new kinds of joys. I started thinking, feeling, speaking and behaving in new ways. I won’t call those situations “negative”, though. They’re a natural part of life.

On the other hand, I have also got out of situations because they were killing my spirit. I know that it’s a fact that we take control of our lives, that we decide how people and situations will affect us and that we can also choose how we respond to them.

But we can only take and endure so much. There is a limit to how much patience, understanding and strength we can squeeze out from ourselves at a given period of time. If the situation doesn’t improve, or if it gets worse, time will inevitably come that we will just have to cut ties and burn bridges to save what’s left of us.

Other people would never completely understand us because each of us feels differently and each of us has our own reasons for doing what we do.

But leaving these situations and disappointing certain people (read: making them hate me) will never be easy. That’s exactly how we know that we are serious about our decision to leave, because we are willing to endure the stress it brings.

Leaving negative situations doesn’t put an end on all kinds of stress. It brings a different kind of stress. But this stress will eventually be the end to all the stresses that gave birth to it.

I have burned bridges and until now I am not completely comfortable about it. But I guess I don’t have to. I have earned my pride in myself knowing that I can make decisive and difficult decisions if I need to.


The jewels of pursuing your Soul’s purpose

I’m the kind of person who has many interests and skills. I’ve tried all sorts of jobs that I found interesting.

It’s funny how I used my intuition in finding my way through my soul’s path. I used to have a list of what I thought were my top three jobs. I have actually already tried all of them and they all disappointed me big time. After the last let down, I paused and listened to my inner guide. I didn’t hear her say anything much other than, “Just go fucking do what you want for once and for all!”

That’s when I realized that all the let downs were there to push me and prepare me for fulfilling my fate. The turning point was when my most recent boss convinced me to stay and accept certain attitudes because she believed those were the kinds of attitude needed to be successful in the corporate world and I said no, I didn’t want any of that. I said I knew who I was and I knew what I wanted my life to be, thanks for the opportunity and for the belief in my abilities but I didn’t want any of that anymore. I wanted to get out of the corporate ladder, specifically marketing (’cause that’s what was I was doing at that time). I also told her that it didn’t mean that I was a chicken shit by not staying and not accepting what she thought was the only road to success. I could never tolerate her behavior. I would never be acceptable for me ever. That for me was enough reason to leave. I always had the right to choose the kinds of people and energy I will let into my life.

Going back to the topic, I realized that the soul’s purpose is actually tricky. There isn’t one established way to measure or validate whether someone is pursuing her/his soul’s purpose. I officially started my heart’s desire project as soon as I quit the last job. And what exactly was that? HAND PAINTING CANVAS BAGS.

I neither think it’s only the means to an end nor the end itself. I believe it’s both a means and an end. It’s a means in a way because I know that there is some deeper meaning and some long term possibility/destiny behind this project. That’s why I am very attracted to it. On the other hand, it’s already an end in itself because creating these bags is in itself the GIFT and the JOY. It is in itself my own reward.

So basically, it’s a win-win situation. When you are doing what your soul says you should be doing, you never lose.

I’d always choose working for my own dreams doing what I love even if I work harder than ever in my life than work for somebody else’s.

That’s the decision I made after taking that major step out my comfort zone (it’s ironic to use that term because it was not really comforting after all) and created my own path.

When it comes to career, I can finally say that I can die anytime now because I am ready. I am doing what I want and need to be doing. I would have no regrets if I die at this very second. That’s the kind of peace you get when you are living your own truth.

Fulfilling your soul’s path is like a gift you continuously open. Along the way you keep on discovering new surprises, new treasures.

Fulfilling our unique path is the Creator’s way of guiding us, being with us, taking us back to the Source of Love that’s connected within us.

That’s the reason why it is so imperative to follow and create and re-create it.

Obviously, it’s never gonna be easy.

Comfort does not teach us much. It’s just a result of all the work we’ve put together. But by pursuing it, you will be rewarded by the best things you could ever experience that you never even thought were possible.

So don’t lose heart in the face of challenges and disappointments. Trust that you are in the right track. You have everything you need at the exact time you need them. The Universe is perfect; there is order in chaos.

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On Vulnerability and Transformations

There may be times when we put our guards up and close ourselves, keep ourselves from being candid and vulnerable because we are afraid of not only being misunderstood but we are also afraid we might burden other people with our idiosyncrasies, doubts, fears, emotional baggage and insecurities.

I used to be in relationships where guys won’t accept everything that I am. They would only pick out the convenient truths in me. That is not a genuine partnership built on true love.

Being in my current relationship has taught me that with the right person, you won’t have to compartmentalize yourself. With the right person, you can be unapologetic of who you are with all your awesomeness and contradictions. The right person will not only love and accept your truths, he/she will feel so blessed to be with you as you are. He/she will be grateful and thrilled to be a part of your becoming.

He/she will not pick up only the things he’d like to hear and know. He will listen to everything you’d like to share. He/she will give importance to all that matters to you. He/she will truthfully care about your well being. He/she will be your number one supporter and partner in fulfilling your goals and in becoming your highest self.

He/she won’t expect you to always provide him/her with joy and easy happiness. In fact, he/she doesn’t have made-up expectations from you. You are free to come and be as you are. He/she wants to know how complicatedly amazing you are not because he/she wants to “fix” you or turn you into anything he/she likes. He/she sees you as a continuously transforming magic before his/her eyes.

I am so blessed to have found the person who complements my world and who, everyday, reminds me how amazing and enough I am and how precious life is. But all of this won’t be possible if we didn’t find the courage to be vulnerable with ourselves and with each other. True partnerships can only be built on intimacy and truth.