So this is how it feels like :)

People & Relationships

I have the partner who is especially meant for me, the partner that is perfect for me, the partner that is of the same soul as mine, he’s just in a different human body.

He doesn’t put me in a box. He doesn’t treat me just like a girlfriend. I am not something to feed his ego. I am not here to please him and fill up his holes.

He sees the real me. I am a separate, free being with my own desires, capacities and destiny. He treats me as his partner in life. We go through life together.

He is the wind beneath my wings. He believes in my opinion and advice. He entrusts his heart to me because I can be trusted. He feels I am expanding his horizons and he learns about so many things in life from me.

But he is never dependent on me nor scared and overwhelmed. He is capable of accepting all that I am and everything I can give. He admires that I am doing brave things and accepting great challenges in life. He wants me to fulfill my desires. He wants me to become successful in ways that are meaningful to me. He values his own goals in the first place that’s why he values my own dreams as well.

He makes me feel that all is well and that all is gonna be well. He gives me the strength to always remember that we are enough, that what we have is enough.

We may be literally oceans apart and it may take a long while before we can live together but he reminds me everyday that having each other is such a huge blessing. Knowing that he is with me through all the twists and turns that may happen in my life gives me peace and courage.

This is what commitment looks like, this is how commitment feels like. He is so committed to me that he does not want to chain me into him. Our story has proven that our souls are tied to each other that no distance and time and circumstances can keep us apart.



On Vulnerability and Transformations

People & Relationships, The Self

There have been times when I have put my guard up because I was afraid of not only being misunderstood but also of becoming a burden to others because of my idiosyncrasies and emotional baggage.

I used to be in relationships where guys won’t accept everything that I was. They would only pick out what’s convenient about me.

Being in my current relationship has taught me that with the right person, I don’t have to compartmentalize myself. With the right person, I can be unapologetic of who I am with all my awesomeness and contradictions. The right person loves and accepts my truths, he feels blessed to be with me as I am. He is grateful and thrilled to be a part of my becoming.

He’s genuinely interested to listen to everything I like to share. He gives importance to all that matters to me. He truthfully cares about my well being. He is my number one supporter and partner in fulfilling my goals of becoming a better person.

He doesn’t expect me to always provide him with easy happiness. I am free to come as I am. He doesn’t want to “fix” me or turn me into anything I am not. He looks at me like I am magic.

I am so blessed to have found the person who complements my world and who, everyday, reminds me how amazing and enough I am and how precious life is. But all of this won’t be possible if we didn’t find the courage to be vulnerable with ourselves and with each other. True partnerships can only be built on intimacy and truth.