Be grateful for Solitude

I have been alone most of the time lately. Sometimes I get very lonely and I forget all the good things that come from solitude. I have drifted away with many of my friends in the recent months. It was quite overwhelming at first and I made a big deal out of it. I used to feel so bad when friendships fade away.

But then slowly, the dust began to settle and I have become more and more enlightened on this matter. I felt that my life has started to acquire a new rhythm and these changes are simply inevitable. Friends lose interest to keep up with your life and to share their lives with you and you feel the same way with them. I think it’s normal to get offended at first but then eventually you’ll come to your senses and ask yourself, “what’s the point of feeling so bad?”. There’s no point in reviving something that’s no longer beneficial to you or to others. If you no longer feel a connection between a person or either or both of you no longer has the commitment to take care of and work for the relationship then it’s meant to be let go of. A new cycle might be on the horizon but first you must learn how to let go in order to give way to what’s supposed to come.

Solitude has many amazing gifts if we only take the heart to pay attention to them. By letting go of what no longer serves me, I have created enough space to focus on what matters to me and what I should be spending my time and energy with.

I have had the time and energy to start my dream business and to start the relationship with the  person I am destined to be with. These two are so important in my life and they require all the attention that I can give.

Without solitude, I won’t be able to be as reflective and productive as I have been and as I continue to be. By choosing to protect myself from all the noise, I’ve had the silence to listen to my inner voice, the channel by which the Divine speaks through each of us.

We cannot set a deadline for ourselves and the natural processes that we need to go through to complete the changes necessary in our lives. We just have to listen to the rhythm and trust that all is well and everything will turn out in the best possible way for everyone concerned.


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