5 Practical Things I’ve Learned from Launching my Dream Business

Creative Living, Manifestation, The Self

1. Sometimes you really have to get cut so bad to learn.

I had quite a few mistakes while starting my business. Each step I take is equally important because it means either profit gain or profit loss for me. If I don’t make actual mistakes, I will never learn the value of each part of the process involved in establishing and developing a successful business.

2. Do not get carried away with what people say.

You will get A LOT of not so good comments and inquiries from people around you. Don’t let their doubts about themselves affect you. Don’t let a particular ugly remark offend you. Choose to behave nicely and professionally.

3. Learn how to use your resources wisely.

Resources include your energy, skills, ideas, money, time and emotions, among others. As an artist and entrepreneur, you must learn how to evaluate the opportunity in every situation. You must identify when it’s okay to invest more in something and when it’s not. This can be tricky because results won’t always materialize immediately. You will have to bank on your experiences and intuition on this one. It’s another way of saying, “Choose your battles, wisely.”

4. Never sell for money’s sake. 

You will not be able to convince others to join you in and believe in what you do if it’s so obvious that all you care about is the success of your personal goals. You gotta have something to offer other people.

5. Have respect and dignity for your work.

If you believe in your work, eventually others will, too. Do not beg for other people’s approval. You don’t have to crawl to adjust to their demands. You don’t have to change who you are to please those who are not meant to see and love your true colors. No matter what happens, take the commitment to uphold the value of what you do.

People can and will criticize you, don’t mind them. Can they do what you do? Probably not. Brush the negative remarks off.


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