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To my fearful Friend

Never ask for anybody else’s validation regarding your personal values and principles. You have the right to decide what matters to you. You have the right to set your own boundaries. You have the right to pick your own battles. You have the right to decide how you win your battles – should you stay and push on or should you stop, leave and take a detour?

Other people must never expect you to behave the way you do nor should you expect them to behave the way you do. We all have our own unique purpose in this lifetime and we know what we want and what’s healthy for us.

Running away is not always a sign of weakness. Moving forward is not always a sign of clarity and strength. Running away becomes the smartest thing you will ever do if you run towards the direction that is right for your soul. On the other hand, moving forward in the wrong direction is an act of fear and self-betrayal.

In treading the waters of life, you must always keep in mind that we must tread the waters using our heart and intuition if we want to reach the path of enlightenment and abundance. We must learn how to listen and trust our own higher self. Through this the energy of All That Is communicates with us.

Don’t be afraid to let go of the old because it is the only way you can embrace the new. Don’t feel guilty about goodbyes, because it’s part of the evolution of the soul. All those we meet are there to help us reach our most desired ending for this lifetime.

Walk in faith and cut ties with everything that do not serve your well being.


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