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My Soul Mate Journey

I asked God what did I do to deserve my current partner in life? What made me deserve such an amazing man and a relationship this rich, authentic, joyful and deep?

The answer I got was that it’s because I have finally made peace with the past, with all its pain, confusion and desperation. I have forgiven my past, I have set myself free and finally I am ready to receive the light that was meant for me all along.

It’s not really about changing myself into a certain person that attracted my soul mate to me but more of stripping away all the illusions and things that were blocking me from seeing and showing the world my most authentic self.

It felt like swimming in a long seemingly-endless ocean day and night…I have finally reached the shore. I am home again.

My journey has taught me that you’ll know when you’ve really come into your own power when you can finally stand your ground.

Knowing your worth is not enough, you gotta stand up for it. Loving oneself means honoring and fighting for what your heart screams for. It’s always fighting for your own truth.

I can definitely say that I DESERVE THIS relationship because I have fought for this. I didn’t just wait for my prince charming like a damsel in distress nor did I went all around the world looking for him.

I knew how to navigate the balance between trusting the universe and letting it do its magic and doing my own part as well. I knew when to take action and I knew when to give us both the space that we need to develop our feelings, to deal with our own struggles and for the relationship to blossom on its own.

I didn’t even think of asking God for this. I settled for less but God gave me so so much more. All I asked was to be with a guy who genuinely wanted to be with me. God gave me Andy. He seriously wants to be with me without any hidden agenda. He simply wants to be with me!

Other than that Andy is so so much more than I have hoped for! Our relationship is multidimensional. He is like my best friend, my mentor, my colleague, my spiritual partner, my lover and my partner in life. He is kind, humble, smart, funny, gorgeous, sexy, talented, wise, strong, stable, responsible, sensible, attentive…I can go on and keep on describing how incredible he is!

I know I have attracted him because I have finally come into terms with how amazing I am as well. I knew my worth and I honored what I wanted. Initially, he believed he was not ready for a committed relationship when I brought up the subject. I stood my ground and fought for what I wanted and believed I deserved which was a committed relationship with him.

I knew there was a risk of losing him but I risked it all to give chance to all the great possibilities between us.

Eventually he came to his senses after struggling with his own fears and doubts. He came back to me expressing his readiness and willingness to take a chance and be with me. I gave him the space that he needed and prayed with my whole heart that he would eventually come back to me. In the meantime while we were separated, I trusted the universe and chose to be happy with my life instead.

I didn’t just attract the right person, I helped him rise to the person he was meant to be by challenging him to rise above his fears.

As always, the universe rewards those who are brave and authentic. I got what I deserved! I will always be grateful for the loving patience and unconditional love of God/The Universe/All That Is. Thank you for not giving up on me and for always supporting me in all my battles. I have reached the shore, I am finally in the presence of light.

Bless our relationship and please keep on guiding us towards the right path.


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