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To the son I left in my previous life

I’ve finally awaken. I remember you. I remember who I was.

I didn’t expect that the past life meditation with Brian Weiss would be that powerful. It was so simple and so brief but I learned so much about myself.

At first, I was not sure who you were or who I was. But before I even asked you in my mind who you were, I already knew the answer. Oh, and did you remember how hard I cried? I could not forget your face and your eyes asking me “Where are you going, mother?”

There was no remorse or pain coming from you. All I felt from you were confusion, shock and sadness. I don’t know what has become of us during that lifetime. But I am very sure that you’ve grown up to be a very well adjusted nice and wise man. I am not sure what happened to me. Most probably I was not able to fulfill my goal and come back to you as I promised.

I chose to live again in this lifetime to continue fulfilling my goals before I come back to you. An angel told me that time is not against me. He told me that I can have all the time that I need to fulfill my goals and that if time comes that I am ready to come back to you, I should always keep in mind that I can come back anytime and that you’ll be waiting for me.

That experience explains why I’ve been drawn to younger men since I was young myself (people would question me how I could possibly become a “cougar” at my teens). I’ve always longed for that “boyish vibe” – full of wonder, energy and adventure. Now I know why. It’s because I have an 11 year old son which I had to leave in order to find myself.

That experience has given me so much affirmation that I am on the right path. Pursuing freedom in this lifetime is really my mission as a soul.

Thank you, my son, for your silent support. I know you’d never been angry at me for leaving you. I know you’d always believe that I’d come back to you. I know you’d always believed in my reasons for leaving.

It doesn’t matter if it had to take us a few hundred years to reunite.  I will diligently work on my goals and come back for you. I will do it in this lifetime.

To all my angels, spirit guides and The Creator, thank you very much for all your love, patience and guidance. How can I have doubts and fears when you are all walking with me wherever I choose to go?

Please receive all the love and gratitude from my joyful and hopeful heart.


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