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To the nagging fear of Standing Up for oneself

When we settle for less than what we deserve, when we stay in situations that no longer serve us or are outright unhealthy for us, we are telling the Universe that we are okay with this and that we are not open to receive the abundance and joy that She can offer.

When we don’t stand up for ourselves, it’s another way of  telling other people that we don’t know our worth and that they have power over us. They can freely use this power to patronize us, manipulate us and break us if they want to. We lose other people’s respect by bending over backwards just to please them. We lose respect for ourselves, too.

We are not letting the Universe know that we are kind and generous by always saying Yes. Instead, we are telling Her how insecure we are that we find it difficult to say No.

We are all created equal. The Universe lives in a constant state of balance and fairness. Nobody is expected to take more than she can carry. It’s no one’s obligation to liberate other people. We liberate ourselves.

We cannot get what we desire if we don’t have the courage to step on to the light and embrace our strength and greatness.


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