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A question in becoming

I’ve never worked with a company or an organization that has made me feel this “organic”. Honestly, I’m not used to it. But I guess, I am starting to be comfortable in it as time goes by. I feel as though I am in harmony with everyone. No one is against me.

Initially, I knew there were some who were upfront by the way they felt towards me. They did not like me. I came off as strong and “too” happy. Eventually, like a meat swimming in a pressure cooker for hours, our relationships eventually softened. They opened up to me and I opened up to them, naturally. I thought I had to initiate a heart-to-heart talk with each of them to ease the tension. But then things just started to relax. I entrusted my whole heart to the process. Now I feel in sync with most of them.

I gave them a chance and I gave myself a chance as well. I surrendered to the process and the process did not let me down.

Now I keep on thinking how to improve my relationships. It has made me think that one crucial thing I should start with is to embrace who I am so I’d be more comfortable, so I’d be more real in my interactions.

I cannot deeply connect with anyone if I am holding back what’s real inside me. I cannot offer anything to anyone if I don’t value what I have to offer.

If I want to make a lasting impression on somebody, everything I do must bear my signature on it. I believe that’s how we create genuine connections, by being personal, by going deep down instead of just floating on the surface.

No matter the reason why we have to interact with other people – it may be because of work, of an emergency situation, it might be because of a hobby we share with them – we are interacting as spirits, as souls in human forms.

If we want to influence someone, we have to touch their hearts. If we want to get their attention, we have to make them feel something powerful. We have to remind them of their magnificence, of their worth.

We don’t put people into action by convincing their minds. People act based on their emotions.

We may get others to agree on what we say because it appeals to their logic. But we cannot make them do much or anything at all based on what we make them believe is right for them.

The bottom line is, if I want to establish deeper relationships with the people around me,  it’s inevitable that I have to SHOW and SHARE my authenticity. Relationships are built on TRUST. I have to come undone and fully open to earn this trust.

To my boss: I believe you have become really cerebral in the way you work around the company. You no longer touch people’s hearts. You no longer pay enough attention and care to how other people feel…perhaps including how you feel yourself.

(Maybe this is what I have learned in the few years I’ve been working in Marketing. I can use this to take advantage of or uplift other people.)


One thought on “A question in becoming

  1. Fantastic post. What a lovely phrase “like a meat swimming in a pressure cooker for hours, our relationships eventually softened…” (among others!). Really identified with a lot of what you’re saying 🙂 And to end, after such positive sentiment, with the honest disappointment in your boss hits home so well. Really enjoyed reading this, thanks for posting 🙂


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