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An empowering girly thought

I’ve decided to stop using make-up on a daily/regular basis.

Although I’ve always used make-up only to enhance my features, to cheat during those times when I didn’t have enough sleep or I was emotionally in turmoil (and my face couldn’t simply deny the truth) and to have fun, it still came to point where I felt as though I couldn’t go out without it. I didn’t feel “presentable enough” without it.

But recently I’ve decided to try going out for a day with absolutely no make-up on and with my hair in this cute messy bun. Initially it’s only because I felt lazy to spend a few extra minutes on dolling up that day.

Surprisingly, I enjoyed it. My face felt clean and free! I could feel the wind and the sun on my raw face and she was happy!

I didn’t have to keep on checking my face out in the mirror to look out for oiliness or a smeared/fainted lipstick. I didn’t have to be so conscious when I eat or drink or when I talk to people. Aside from that, I liked how I looked without make-up on. I know I look a lot younger without make-up and sometimes I intentionally wanted to look older. But maybe I should just accept that this is how I look like. I actually look more like myself (how I feel inside) without make-up.

I am not saying I won’t use make-up from hereon.

I just think we must use make-up as one of our options, just whenever we feel like it. Nobody should feel as if it’s a necessity.

We must not get used to liking ourselves more when we have make-up on. We should like ourselves equally with or without it. That’s how we can use it not to enable our insecurities and unhealthy habits (e.g. sleeping late, not drinking a lot of water, getting involved in toxic situations) but to empower us and inspire us to make healthier choices.

Not wearing make-up regularly has enabled me to get back to my core self, to see who I really am. It’s also pushed me to be more disciplined in taking care of myself. Wearing make-up has been my band-aid solution. Now I am choosing long-lasting resolutions to make myself feel and look good. Some of my practical habits are:

  • Extra virgin olive oil as moisturizer applied every night
  • Ice therapy on my face every morning
  • Lots of water and raw veggies and fruits
  • Regular exercise and a whole lotta sweat!
  • Sleeping early and getting enough sleep (plus sleeping whenever I can!)
  • Green tea everyday
  • Regular full body massage
  • Wearing clothes and accessories that reflect how I want to feel
  • Smiling and laughing
  • Spending time with people who sincerely want to be with me
  • Surrounding myself with people who inspire and help me in becoming the person I want to be
  • Not participating in senseless talks and not consuming senseless media products
  • Spending time with animals! Rush of love and good vibes 🙂
  • Going out and spending time in nature
  • Believing in good things
  • Welcoming Change as a friend and not an enemy

Healthier days are coming 🙂


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