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I answer you with a YES

Dear Universe,

Right after that job interview I knew you just wanted me to make those brave decisions in the recent past weeks. You only wanted me to know my worth, fight for what I deserve and keep looking for my place in which I would thrive.

You wanted me to learn how to trust myself that I knew what’s best for me and to stand by my decision for better or for worse. You wanted me to learn how to be brave and not always to play it safe.

You wanted me to learn how to communicate in a mature way and how to be assertive.

I don’t want to romanticize this new life path you have introduced me because based on my initial assessment, this looks a lot like hard work. I know this new job would require so much from me in many ways. It’s not all fun and easy and comfortable. But I know you know that this is exactly what I need. I am gonna learn a lot from this new work life and I would have to really GROW in order to excel in this. I am not competitive with other people but I am competitive with myself.

I would have to push myself harder this time.

You gave way for this opportunity to be mine. Others could have been given this position but I was the right person at the right place and at the right time. Maybe that’s why for the first time in my life I was THAT nervous before a job interview. I never felt that way before. I knew this will change my life. I could be overpowered by fear and step back and retreat to my comfort zone or I could step forward and accept the challenge with open eyes and an open, strong heart.

My voice trembles and my palms and feet are all sweaty but I am giving you my committed answer. I answer you with a YES. I accept the challenge. I accept the opportunity to grow.

But please be nice to me. As always, don’t leave me on this fight alone. I need you!


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