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To the girl who asked what my secret was

Perhaps, that would best describe me these days – a well-adjusted woman.

Just like what I’ve learned from my Judo class, I’ve learned how to roll with the blow, how to break a fall.

Shit will keep on happening and I surely will keep on making more (and worse) mistakes out of stupidity or stubbornness. But I’d be able to break down and stand, break down and stand gracefully. I’ve learned how not to let my issues spill over.

Most people around me would say I live a uncomplicated life. That’s not the truth, though The truth is they just don’t notice the struggles I battle with. I’d be pretentious if I don’t admit I take pride in that. I take pride in the fact that I can carry myself with poise even the most challenging situations. It takes conscious will and effort and discipline to become that.

Well, at least I can do that even if I am not able to do a lot other things I expect from myself. HAHA!


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