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From my future Self


Since I’m at a crossroads once again, this is something that could help me in reflecting on my decisions. What are the things that I should do now that YOU (my future self) will thank me for?

(I am free writing, this is harder to answer than I thought. But okay, here it goes, my future self says…)

1. SHUT THE FUCKING UP when you’re not sure you can stand by what you say. It does not matter to me what you say as long as you have the spirit to support it all the way.

2. LISTEN AND OBSERVE MORE, talk less (in connection with number 1). You won’t learn much by talking about yourself and the things you already know. PLUS THE FACT THAT you know it’s not safe to be spilling the beans, baby. Stay wise.

3. Do yourself and ME a favor by SLEEPING EARLY (at night of course) AND SLEEPING MORE. I don’t think I have to argue with you on this one.

4. BE PROACTIVE IN ESTABLISHING MORE MATURE RELATIONSHIPS with all the people around you. OUR PARENTS are on the top of the list, girl. You know that.

5. NEVER EVER CHANGE WHO YOU ARE for someone. I’m really gonna crack your thick skull if you do that again!

(I’ve really become 10x fiercer in my future compared to who I am today LOL.)


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