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To the many chances we are blessed with

Cliches reach the level of being cliches exactly because they make sense in one way or another for most people.

One of the most striking cliches of my life would be, “It’s never too late to learn.” It’s never too late to start again as long as we live. We were never born wise to begin with so it’s only but natural to keep on making mistakes. The only rule I keep in mind in making mistakes however is this:

Keep on making better mistakes.

(Better because they’re outcomes of wiser and fiercer decisions).

Forget about what other people will think, say or how they will behave towards you. Those who are supportive of your growth and well being will be there for you no matter what while those who don’t really care about you or will only want to put you down shouldn’t be dealt with in the first place. As always, The Universe will be there for you all the way.

If you have in your heart only good intentions for yourself and the world around you, believe that The Universe has your back.

Stand tall, open your heart to life and prepare to fly! We are all born free. Freedom is our destiny.

I am not romanticizing what’s been going on in my life right now. But it would be unjust if I don’t recognize the miracles either. I have within my reach everything that fills my heart with joy. I have my family; my mother who loves me with a wise and deep kind of love, my brothers who are my joy and allies for life, my father who’s never doubted my abilities and potentials and who’s always had big dreams for me, my baby dogs who’s always loved me as if I actually invented love in the first place and taught them about it (when it’s actually the opposite), a few soul sisters who’s just there, all pretty and fierce and present in all my ups and downs (who says and proves to me “I am here, as always.”), and now the job I’ve been praying and working for all my life. There is so much miracles going on in my life, so many things I am completely undeserving but freely given.

The Universe gave me all of these and more. She has given me so many chances to make things right and follow my soul’s calling. She has put me in various learning situations. She let me teach myself how to be authentic, how to be independent and brave, what it means to be wise and how to have faith. She supports all my ways of taking care of myself so I could inspire others how to take care of themselves as well. She let me get hurt so bad so I could finally learn on my own how to forgive.

She never lets me through a situation without her divine assistance (and when I say divine it’s divine – it’s just magic). Now I can deal with any kind of situation better and with less doubt and panic because I know I have Her with me. Always. Her wisdom and warmth will always be there for me whenever I need it.

What we are being asked is to do our part: to listen, be present, be authentic and brave. We must spread these miracles and celebrate the many chances we are all given.


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