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To those who were left behind

In an ideal world, everything is in accordance to the processes of how we believe things should be. People give reasonable explanations before saying goodbye. People actually say goodbye in the first place. People who have hurt us actually say sorry and mean it.

But this is the real world with real people in complex situations. Sometimes people wake up and leave. Sometimes people hurt us and leave – without saying sorry. Sometimes people never say sorry even if they (eventually) feel sorry. Sometimes people don’t feel sorry at all.

Sometimes people who leave don’t need us to understand them. Sometimes all they want is to decide and be respected. The people around them will naturally bear some of the consequences of their decision. But isn’t life like that? Sometimes we are the ones who are left behind. Other times, we are the ones who leave. In both situations we are responsible for our decisions and most of the consequences of our decisions will be suffered or celebrated only by ourselves.

To those who leave, to stay a little bit longer and to leave are both difficult choices. But one of those will actually make the situation better and that choice could sometimes be to just leave – to leave and give room for positive changes for all.

On the other hand, to those who were left behind, this may sound shitty but I have to say it because it has proven true for me: you just gotta deal with it. Eventually you’ll see all the good things this painful situation has brought you and how it broke you and made you wiser, stronger and more compassionate in the process.

People leave for different reasons. But most of the time it’s basically because of this:

People need space for a new beginning. People want to move on. Sometimes people can only move on by leaving behind certain people and situations.

People who consciously choose to leave are very much aware of all those they would leave behind. But despite the pain, disappointment and loss that would probably come as a result, their decisiveness to choose life and freedom still pushed them to make that decision. That deserves respect, if not admiration (especially from those who have been hurt by the said decision). Remember that we are all born free. It’s our destiny.


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