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To my Love and Sex Goddess

How come I am always either too young (or early) or too old (or late) for someone I like? It’s either the guy is still in school or he’s already married with three cute kids.

Yes, I know I will enjoy a life of satisfying one-night stands. But hey, eventually I want a loving long term relationship, too!!!


Did my colleague just describe me as ‘demure’? I just could not understand why despite my blatant expressions of kinkiness – at the workplace, during sex talks over breaks and whenever, wherever – people would still find me ‘demure’. Perhaps, my friend was right. We could engage in all the vulgar sex talks that we want and people will never take us seriously. We’re just two twentysomething ladies having an intellectual conversation over coffee at 3 pm.

When you’re a woman, it’s either you’re not sexual enough or you are too sexual. I’ve never been interested in complicating sex. I just want to do it!


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