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To remind myself of my resolutions for the coming year

1. Focus more on my overall health and well-being. Keep doing my healthy routines, be mindful, work more on my spirituality.

2. Prioritize. Take a good look at my relationships and goals. Cut off those who do not complement the kind of life that I want.

3. Have space for more silence in my life. I could write a long list to justify this one. But the end goal would always be: wisdom, balance, strength, peace and joy.

4. Teach myself to stop wanting more things. This would be the next most difficult thing for me to do besides forgiveness. But I accept the challenge!

5. Be more grateful and expressive of my gratitude. Become better in giving back is always good for the soul and good for the world.

6. Be authentic in all aspects. Authenticity is always good for the soul. I’m taking such a huge leap of faith here. But as with all kinds of leaps-of-faith, it teaches us to grow our own wings and fly.

7. Let it be. “Let yourself be. Let him/her/them be” is what I usually remind myself when I start to act like a control freak again. Letting go of our obsessions on how we think things should be, I believe will always lead us to peace, joy and more love (instead of fear and resentment).

I’ve already began practicing these things. I just wanted to start the following year with a conscious decision of getting better in doing them. Being mindful is always better. 🙂


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