To the question: What are you most proud of?

This would be my immediate and only answer:

Being able to forgive. I was finally able to forgive all those who I had to forgive, including mostly, myself. I was also able to forgive the past for what it was and what it wasn’t. I keep on forgiving the present for what it is and what it isn’t and the future for all the things it could and could not be.

It’s only recently when I’ve realized that most, if not all, of my decisions came from a position of fear, frustration and resentment. Forgiving is such a liberating and humbling experience. It permeates my entire being.

I take pride in being able to forgive because it takes a lot of heart, spirit and bones to do it. I had to crawl to the darkest and scariest depths and climb back again to finally begin practicing it.


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