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To the goals I have to let go of

In line with working on my spirituality, I am learning to practice minimalism in all aspects of my life. Being minimalist in some aspects are pretty much effortless while it has proven to be a real struggle in others. For example, being minimalist in my bedroom is easy. I’ve never dressed up my room. I sleep in the mattress on the floor (I ditched the bed), I have one medium-sized closet/book shelf, a small box for my footwear, a medium-sized mirror and a basket for my make-up and toilettries. When it comes to my closet, I’ve went through with it and donated the best (but not my favorite ones) of my dresses to a garage-for-a-cause. I’m left with only my favorite pieces. Being minimalist with my make-up was difficult at first, but as I learned the looks that suit me best, I began to be picky and easily satisfied with the products I buy. It’s also relatively easy for me to be minimalist when it comes to my schedule. I know what I find meaningful, fun and comforting.

Knowing yourself is really the key.

However, when it comes to other more complex things like relationships and life goals, being minimalist can be a tough challenge. I’m currently learning the kinds of relationships I should value and work on in my life. Again, self knowledge is the key here. But it could be tricky. People change and circumstances change. Maybe the answer is to just stick with the ones which enrich your life and complement your most authentic self at each given time. Between these two, being minimalist with regards to life goals would be a lot more difficult for me. I’m used to exploring lots of things. I want to experience and learn a lot! But again, we could only do so much in our time on earth. The skill we need to learn is: focus.

This is really tough. But it’s a step I should make. It’s now or never. If I’m serious on going the path of peace then I should do it.

I don’t think being minimalist in life goals means that you have to stop wanting what you want. It only means that you have to zoom in to one or two which really matters to you.

My recent experiences have taught me that if you stay true to yourself and if you keep on living for what you really want, standing up for your principles and keeping the passion in you alive, then you no longer have to ask for it – all the things you enjoy doing will just naturally blend with your life.

I wanted to write, paint and travel – and I was able to do all these three without having to focus  on each. I didn’t have to take a formal course on writing and painting. I didn’t have to take a job that would let me travel. Looking back, I just stayed true to myself and made decisions that I felt in my soul I should make. Consequently, I met the people I was meant to meet and I was given the opportunities that were able to give me the experiences and lessons that I wanted and needed. It’s what happens when you follow your soul.

Maybe I really knew what I wanted all along. I just had to mature out to finally  be able to realize the importance of having focus. Writing this post is timely because The Universe (or The Multiverse) just recently debunked what I thought was my purpose in life (it reminded me of the time when She destroyed my illusion of The One Who Got Away – but that’s another story). I’m still waiting how the story is gonna turn out. But I have my hunches. I believe She is guiding me to a much bigger goal (not better nor more meaningful, just bigger in scope).

Good thing, it’s still in line with how I want my life to be about or to be. The essence is the same, even though the form has changed.

I may have to let go now of my other big dreams and focus only on this one dream: To work on self development in order to contribute more to building a society that is just and harmonious for all.

I have worked with various sectors of society for various causes. There is much to learn from the particularity of things. But at the end of the day, it should all come back to the highest universality. It’s never too late to learn…how to focus. I hope the coming decades of my life will be more productive, meaningful and fun because of it.

To the goals I have to let go of, you are free now to go and be with the ones who will really embrace you with fire and wind. Maybe we’ll see each other again somewhere along the way. It’s been nice having you accompany me through all these years. I feel a little sad and afraid now that I am letting you go. But the time has come and I am making this decision with complete awareness.

Cheers to us! Cheers to life!


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