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To my batch mates who kept on going against the grain

We may have chosen seemingly different paths. But these paths all lead to the same goal of liberation. I am honored to have known you and have become a part of your journey. I feel a deep sense of pride, warmth, admiration, faith and hope when I learn of news about you.

It’s comforting to know that we are still on the same boat…and we keep on rocking it.

Living a life for oneself is pointless. It’s just a waste of resources. It’s a dead end. But aligning one’s joys and triumphs with the success of the people is contagious, limitless – eternal. It multiplies exponentially in ways we may not be capable of visualizing.

Comrades, keep on pushing on one step at a time. Didn’t we usually say, “The next best thing to freedom is the struggle for freedom.”?

We are not only getting there. We are here and it’s what matters most.


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