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To the guy who thought I was poor

I’ve never been financially wealthy. I come from a lower middle class family. My father is an overseas worker and my mother is a small-time entrepreneur and a full-time home maker. I’m lucky to have completed my undergraduate degree and to have experienced some luxuries that others don’t get to have. I’m in my late twenties now but I suppose I’m still earning half of what my batch mates do. I chose a different path in life. Instead of concentrating on building a solid, corporate career path during and after college (like what most of my batch mates were doing at that time) I chose to take risks, go beyond the horizons of my limited life and circle and learn from the world and its people. When I decided to leave school for a while to become a full time community worker, I was fully aware of the kind of future I may not have (career and a comfortable life, or so I thought). I actually lived in poverty. I did all sorts of sacrifices but my morale was high. I knew how it felt like to be clueless on where to sleep every night, where and how to eat (I didn’t have money to buy my own food), who to run to when I need someone to talk to and get some emotional support. I knew how it felt like to be alone and lonely.

Eventually I decided to go back to the university to finish my degree. I got into freelance work right after college. Before that work opportunity, I was slightly worried that I might not be able to find work immediately or I may not  get into a work which I find fulfilling. During that time, I admit, I really didn’t know what I want to do next with my life. I just wanted to find a job because that’s what I was supposed to do. I needed to earn my own money.

So I got from one job to another (I was always referred by friends). Even though all of those never offered me a satisfying salary, I always saw the opportunity each job offered me. I was open to life and learning. I knew compensation comes in many various forms. I was just lucky enough that I could survive with that little amount I was earning.

I never had the salary I wish I had  (I still don’t have it in my current job), but I’ve never felt poor. That is because I’ve always been given what I need whenever I need it. That is the living truth of my life. That is also how I learned how to trust The Universe. I know I am taken care of. I have always been.

The Universe is wise and generous. She knows the kind of help that would be best for me. My life experiences have taught me that.

I have learned that if you truly follow your soul, The Universe will take care of you. She will not spare you from hardships, of course, because those are natural consequences of some of your decisions, but she will always, always lend you a helping hand whenever you need one. You don’t even have to ask!

I followed my soul all throughout. Everyday the meaning of seemingly coincidental things reveal itself to me. It’s like The Universe is saying, “Don’t worry, just move forward! I have your back!”

She also taught me so much about Abundance.

I have learned that Abundance is not when you have a lot but when you don’t need anything more.

That’s why when you’re able to share with what little you have, you will always have enough. Doesn’t life happen like that? We benefit from the generosity of each and everyone (and I’m not talking only of humans here). We give and we receive. The cycle goes on. No real abundance will come to those who are only after taking advantage of other people for their own benefit. That mentality of hoarding only creates a deeper well of need that will not be filled up.

The amazing part is, The Universe usually fills our lives with Abundance in forms which we haven’t thought of/prayed for. But you would only notice and appreciate it if you let go your expectations and become fully present in life and receiving Her grace.

I wake up everyday smiling, believing with my whole being that I don’t need to worry about a thing (I just have to be responsible and do my part) because I have The Universe with me. I am Her and She is Me. Miracles are real and they can happen to anyone in unlimited frequency and volume. You just have to be fully conscious to realize it.


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