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To the girl who asked, “What are you done with?”

Well, I’ve been overhauling my life these past few months. But the answer to that question would be composed of these two main things:

I am done with…

1. Going out with guys just because I’m bored or horny. Dating can be fun and there’s nothing wrong with having fun while dating. I don’t also have anything against casual sex (read another blog post yay). But finding fulfillment in things external to oneself is in the long run, not healthy. In fact, it’s completely dangerous. I know because I’ve been into all sorts of shit because of it. There’d be no self growth in it. I would not invite really meaningful and lasting relationships if I keep on doing it. No. Never.

2. Laziness in living a healthy life. Living a healthy life doesn’t just happen. It requires continuous effort. We have to decide and shape our habits if we want to live a life that is nourishing in all aspects. If we want to eat healthy, then we must plan and cook our own meals. If we want to keep our bodies from deteriorating, then we must allot time for working out. If we want to achieve a constant state of peace in spirit, then we must train ourselves to be fully awake human beings. People only notice the changes in my appearance, saying I look prettier now. But they don’t know the conscious effort (and discipline!!!) I do in maintaining a life of balance that perhaps, resonates in my appearance.


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