To my friend who wants to know

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To my friend who wants to know how I usually end up loving what I’m doing, my answer is simple:

Be present and give all you can give to the task at hand. Dig deep until it fully opens up to you as well. See the wonder and beauty that’s inside. We can ALWAYS find something to love about anything if we really will ourselves to.

Of course this advice is only applicable to those situations where we don’t have a choice yet to do something else or to do what we want (perhaps, we don’t know what it is we want yet). This is also applicable to those people who always want to be somewhere else, never fully present in the Now. If we always want to be somewhere else, doing something else, we would never be at peace because we don’t take the opportunity to fully realize the gifts of each moment.

Being alive is doing what we love. To do what we love we must be totally present. Being totally present means living absolutely.