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To the Moon who is my witness

Tonight I’m making a vow to officially own my life.

This means:

1. I will take sole responsibility for taking care of myself. I will do what makes me feel and look good. I will define what makes me look good and I will stand up for what makes me feel good. I know what’s good for me.

I will listen to others’ opinions (okay, even if they are unsolicited), but I will not let them decide for me.

I don’t exist to please the preferences of other people.

2. I will never be ashamed of my emotions. I have the right to feel whatever I am feeling. I don’t have to explain to anyone. If they’re in their right mind, they won’t even need to ask.

3. I will never doubt myself when I want to say “No”. I have the right to decide what I want and what I don’t want. Based on my experiences, specifically when you are a woman, you will never run out of people who will make you feel and look like a bitch for saying “No”. But again, I don’t have any obligation to anyone to justify my decisions. Likewise, I don’t need to put up with a nice image so people will think I’m a normal, educated, fine, young lady.

4. I will speak up. I may be right and I may be wrong. If I’m right, then I’m doing everyone justice by exposing and standing up for the truth. If I’m wrong, then the truth will prevail and the sharpest discourse will come out. I will learn and so will others. It’s a win-win situation.  I’m gonna be smarter, wiser and humbler in the process.

If someone disrespects me or judges me, I’ll never think twice. I’ll stand up for myself.

5. I will live and behave as I please. So what if I wear red lipstick and body-hugging clothes (some people look down on those who do)? What if I don’t want to get married and have kids? What if I’m okay with one-night-stands? What if I’m an-out-and-proud-opinionated socialist and feminist?

I’m not gonna be anybody’s poster girl. I will not try to fit myself into anybody’s reality.


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